America is the first choice for those who want to take home from abroad, to provide accommodation for their children during their education, or only those who want to invest in real estate.

Although the conditions of real estate purchase in America contain different regulations according to the states, it is generally easy for foreigners to buy a house in the US. You don’t have to live in America to buy real estate in America, or does your visa or residence permit prevent you from buying real estate.

America is the investor’s secure address for investment because the risks to the title deeds are solved in America. Title deed insurance allows carry out all deed transfer operations clean. In this insurance system, the wage is paid once and covers the period until the deed is handed over. Within the scope of this insurance; Sell the real estate that the seller is not the owner of, selling the same property to more than one person, the existence of mortgages in real estate, the existence of the debt of the dues belonging to the real estate, having corporate taxes and debts of the real estate, Title Deed insurance is a transaction made to fees such as 1% of the cost.

If the foreigner who wants to buy real estate is in the USA, the transaction is completed in 1 week. However, if the buyer is outside the United States and the seller has different transaction requests, these processes may take 2-3 weeks. If other individuals are residing in the house to be purchased, this process may be extended up to 3-4 weeks with the purchase and move of American real estate.

The process of buying a home in the US is quite simple. After the interview with the real estate agent and filling out the form, the seller is informed about the bank information indicating the cash requested. 5% deposit is transferring to the escrow account. After the agreements are made, the house is completed.

There are also credit facilities in the US home buying process.

Through the investment programs developed by Regional Centers, it is aimed to revive the US economy, to prevent unemployment, to document foreign investors to the projects mentioned in the program. Within the scope of this program, foreigners and their families are entitled to the right to permanent residence in the United States and the right to citizenship.

The US Immigration Office gives Green Card to those who participate in around 700 projects as investors. By means of the so-called EB-5 Visa program, investors, their spouses and children under the age of 21 have the right to live and work in the United States and to become US citizens after 5 years.

Under this program, the investment amount has been determined to be at least $ 500,000. In this way, the investment company becomes a partner in the investment rate. The cost of the investment is kept in a special account until the Green Card application approval is received and then transferred to the account required for project construction. The investor must demonstrate and document the source of the investment.

The first application is a 2 year temporary Green Card. This application is approved within 13-14 months. At the end of the second year, if the continuity of the project is ensured, you are providing permanent Green Card.

After 5 years from the first card, it is also possible to have US citizenship if desired. After the participation and the project is completed, you can get back the main money of your investment.

1. The world’s largest economy

2. The world’s largest real estate market

3. Control the dollar – the world’s default currency used in 60% of all world trade

4. Stable economy – the 3rd largest oil and gas producer, the 2nd largest nation of trade, the 2nd largest producer

5. Host 128 of the world’s top 500 companies

6. Strong financial markets with the world’s largest stock exchanges according to market value

7. Hosts 13 of the largest 25 global cities for investment (Cushman & Wakefield)

8. Global Real Estate Transparency Index 4th place in 2016 (JLL)

9. Doing Business Index 8th in 2017 (World Bank) worldwide

10. The Economic Freedom Index ranked 11th in 2016 (Wall Street Journal)

11. The rule of law and legal certainty

12. Advantageous tax system

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